Your Support Chat Bot in 4 simple steps

Your support chat bot - 4 steps for powerful results

Tired of searching for details across multiple apps? We were too. That's why we created a support chat bot. Let’s see, as it might be what you were looking for.

How it started

Tiberiu, our CEO, needs information quickly, as he’s handling multiple tasks and people at once. However, he uses a lot of tools, which means it’s difficult to find pieces of information across all of them (a password here, an API key there, etc.). So, having experience in integrations, AI tools, and no-code in general, he decided to create an AI live support chat bot that will make his life easier.

Our support chat bot

Tiberiu used as the integration platform and Telegram as the communications channel. Simply put, when a new Telegram message is sent, the automation is triggered, then the support chat bot searches across all applications in your business environment, and finally, it provides the answer. The entire sequence shouldn’t take longer than a few seconds.

support chat bot automation
Automation (Make)

GPT configuration support chat bot
GPT configuration

Result support chat bot

What it means for you

Well, we’ve provided just an example, but there are way more. For instance, Andreea came up with the idea of an “orders chatbot”. You can simply ask “what’s ABC order’s status?” and it will tell you. Same goes for financial information: “Who is Company ABC’s Administrator?”. 

It also implies you’re not limited from the tech stack’s standpoint. You can integrate whatever platform you use (CRM, ERP, ecommerce platform, etc.), communication platform (Telegram, Whatsapp, Slack, etc.). The integration platform is also free of choice (Make, Power Automate, Zapier, n8n, workato etc).


Since it’s linked to a channel or group, whoever is on that channel might interact with the chat bot (and yes, that means your own work colleagues… or even customers ;) - automated customer support at its finest).

If you’d like a similar support chat bot, the easiest you can get in touch with us is through our contact page. Good luck!

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Automation consulting. Automate. Improve. Succeed.

We advise you independently and offer our expertise.