A texting service for business at your fingertips

A texting service for business fired up and ready to serve
Nicolae Moroşan
July 4, 2024

Ever wondered how powerful a texting service for business can be? Fret not, as today we'll explore three, focusing on their integration and automation features.


Our first 👆 sms advertising platform is

Firstly, you can send bulk messages, with the help of the various API integrations they offer. Tools like Make and Zapier come into play, as they streamline the entire process. Learn more here.

Another great feature is the ability to send messages throughout all of Orange and Vodafone’s phone number databases, a valuable option for companies who don’t have a customer base yet (or simply want to reach broader audiences).

Lastly, let’s talk about mobile advertising. Did you know that the sms ‘open’ rate is 99% and 90% are read in under 3 minutes? Imagine people opening up your phone and seeing your company’s name displayed there (like “BT Info”)...and the impact it would have.

SMSAdvert as another great texting service for business option

The second great tool we’ve used in many of our automation workflows is 💆‍♂️

Besides the usual features, such as bulk sms and cost-friendly sms marketing campaigns, a great option is to send sms from your own phone number 🤘. This proves extremely effective for individuals and small-and-medium businesses, as the customers will reply directly to you, having the possibility to continue the conversation from there.

SMSAdvert also covers comprehensive campaign management and analytics 📊. Based on gathered data, it provides insights into campaign impact, so you know what to change (or not). As for campaign management, you are ensuring effective communication 🗣️ with your audience, to keep track of everything in an orderly manner 🧘‍♀️.

*Their API has a 99.98% uptime rate, enough to keep your automations up and running.

Our last sms marketing platform - NRS-GROUP

As we’ve discussed two providers that rock the Romanian market 🇷🇴, it’s high time we move more towards the global landscape. Our next sms platform is

From an automation and integration standpoint, what can be relevant to you is their notable focus on reliability (almost 0% failure when sending messages) and extensive network reach (900+ mobile network operators and 171 countries), perfect for broad sms advertising.

Also, their high delivery rate 📈 with low spam 📉 makes them ideal for businesses that target a global audience and want a solid provider 💪

To sum it up

Well, you’ve seen the automation side of the text messaging service. As you might have suspected, these platforms also integrate 🔀very well with CRMs, ecommerce platforms, and scheduling tools.

Some practical use cases as well, in case you needed more clarity:

  • Automated Order Confirmation 📦: Send automatic order confirmations to customers
  • Welcome Messages to New Leads 👋: Automatically send “Hello World!” messages to new leads in your CRM
  • Scheduling Links 🗓️: Send scheduling links to clients (please be cautious when sending links, as phishing is increasingly common).

We really hope the texting service for business will help you reach your marketing and sales goals. If you need a hand ✋in implementing the solutions, you can find us on our contact page.

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We advise you independently and offer our expertise.
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Automation consulting. Automate. Improve. Succeed.

We advise you independently and offer our expertise.