Connect your
systems & tools.

Who doesn't know it? CRM and ERP don't talk to each other.

Improve and automate workflows and business processes by connecting your systems. We integrate standard software and individual systems with each other.

We are developers, makers and implementers of connections.

Automation Projects

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The fastest way to connect systems?

We connect thousands of systems every year and are iPaaS experts. With our experience you get fast and competent help.

What makes us happy as automation and interface developers is when our customers' different systems successfully communicate with each other.


Interfaces development

We create a map of systems, from ERP to CRM and HR systems. We map your connections, whether it's ERP systems that need to be connected or CRM data that needs to flow into accounting: Makeitfuture integrates systems.


Process and API development

Connecting IT systems is easier and more attractive than you might think. With your systems and API development experience, we create processes in your company that you never thought possible.


Wiring, marrying, connecting...

Whatever you call it, creating interfaces is our core competence. We build bridges in the digital world and allow you to focus on your work without the hassle of copy and paste.

Money Back Guarantee

We believe in the quality we provide to our clients.

We believe in it so much that, if you’re not satisfied with our service, we’re ready to give you your money back.

You can ask for a full refund by sending us an email in which you explain in detail what didn’t satisfy you within 14 business days from our call together.

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Produkte Automatisierung pre-built

just 10 spots available each month. This month we have 5 spots left.

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Automation Success

How do I connect or link systems?

This question is asked every year by tens of companies looking for interfaces. We have answers, expertise and above all solutions!

Which systems and departments we connect the systems regularly:

  • Supply Chain processes: We have connected over 10,000 successful processes from Oracle to SAP.

  • CRM and ERP connections: Whether Salesforce, Pipedrive, Hubspot or other CRM systems we create the customer automatically in the ERP!

  • Logistics and Online Shop. From the order to the logistics partner, we link your fulfillment & store.

  • Communication tools, office software, accounting and invoicing software, human resource planning, ERP, calendar, CRM and much more.

  • Order to purchase to production, we develop the interfaces.

Identify business processes & optimize processes

Our customers are medium-sized companies that have different software requirements. As an automation partner, it is our job to ensure that all digital solutions communicate effectively.

First call and further discussions.

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Analyze the connections

Your systems are evaluated at the beginning to discover connection potentials and to be able to link them afterwards. We record your requirements and create a recommendation for action.

First call and further discussions.
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Offer and scope.

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Interfaces planning and expectations

Before we develop, we plan together so that costs, timeframes and expectations are linked, like your interfaces 😉

In our offer, we will lace the project together & off we go.

Offer and scope.
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1 Stunde detaillierte Automation Expertise

Interfaces & Linkage Development

We now develop your link closely with you and create the first joint tests. So you can be sure that your systems communicate correctly!

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Go-Live & Maintenance.

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Scale your processes and workflows.

The connections of the systems are monitored. Benefit from improved workflows, customer journeys, workflows and, in the best case, fully automated processes.

Go-Live & Maintenance.
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07 Apri 2021

Erschaffe deine eigenen Automatisierungen

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In 3 Wochen
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Rely on the experience of Makeitfuture.

Take your now a workflows forward with Makeitfuture & our experts.

Numbers say more!

We are the leading workflow partner. Rising Star 2021 & 2022.




Automated processes




Years experience

Questions? Answers.

  • Do I get the source code of the workflow?


    Of course! You are the owner of your processes and we develop them exclusively for you.

    Possibilities to use your workflows:
    Internal, you invite only known users via link or portal.
    Public, everyone can use your workflows with us and you can resell them.

    Everything is possible!

    develop workflow
  • What is your pricing?


    We pay industry standard salaries and are committed to innovation. However, we have an attractive pricing, depending on the process and complexity, we can develop your workflows for an incredible price.

    Since prices are individual, like any company, we ask you to send us a request. We should be able to send you a quote in a timely manner.

    Focus on quality
  • Who is Makeitfuture?


    Good question? We are the Make Rising Star Partner.
    Your partner for automation and happiness in processes.

    We are clearly the Make market leader in Europe and the largest automation agency for Make, Zapier, n8n and Workato.
    Still down-to-earth and price-efficient.

    Learn More

Automation consulting. Automate. Improve. Succeed.

We advise you independently and offer our expertise.