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Our interdisciplinary team has been working on the automation of customer journeys and workflows for years - get to know us

We have a comprehensive understanding of processes and their importance in the value chain. We take your requirements on board, identify potential and create sustainable automation that saves time and simplifies workflows.

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Join us on an adventure as we share the story of #makeitfuture. Learn about our commitment and perseverance that have shaped our journey from humble beginnings to remarkable achievements.

Our Values


We respect you, your time, your family, and your friendship. We want you to have a healthy and balanced life in a good environment.


We never lose sight of the people behind the jobs. The focus is on helping to shape their own activities and increasing their satisfaction.


We are passionate individuals who find joy in our work and approach it with a sense of fun. Our team is committed to putting in the effort required to achieve our goals and welcomes new ideas and perspectives to enhance our work and drive us toward success.


We are agile in delivering quality with ingenuity and creativity while ensuring that our products and services are easily understandable through simplification and minimalism and delivering on our promise to our customers.

Partnership makeitfuture


We want to shape the future positively and support companies in exploring and realizing these opportunities individually.



We aim for sustainable growth by using resources in a responsible manner, considering economic, environmental, and social factors, and benefiting our employees, society, and the environment.

Management Team

Get to know the faces behind #makeitfuture

Tiberiu Socaci

CEO & Co-founder

Petru Pop

Automation Exper & Co-founder

Marius Mureșan

Project Manager

Cristian Toderean

Resource Manager

Jean-Luc Goutagny

Business Development Director


Meet our team of dedicated advisors who bring creativity, expertise, and passion to every aspect of our work.

Micky Socaci

Alexandru Lazăr

Why makeitfuture?

  • Experience and customer satisfaction


    We bring together decades of IT experience with the latest forward-looking technology: Modular Cloud Process Automation.

  • Flexibility of data - future


    With modular cloud automation, you can decide how, when and where you access. You model your processes individually and DSGVO-compliant.

  • Fit for the second machine age


    With the automation of company processes, you solve the problems of demographic development in your company and can automate employee tasks.

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