Shopify automation with matching CRM

Do you use other sales channels besides your Shopify shop? Is it hard to keep your entire sales team up-to-date and not lose any customers? Integrate your Shopify Shop with your CRM!

How can I automate my Shopify shop with Pipedrive?

Shopify is great for creating a professional online shop yourself. But instead of leaving it alone or spending a lot of money on expensive Shopify extensions, for example for email marketing, there is a simpler solution: you integrate Shopify with your CRM, such as Pipedrive, Hubspot or Monday.

  • Save time for administrative tasks
  • Gain time for value adding activities
  • Create powerful customer journeys
  • Improve customer satisfaction through seamless and error-free processes
  • Lean and optimal business processes
  • Enormous growth potential through scalability

This is exactly what we solved for a client company. The Shopify shop was independent and neither connected to the master data management of the customers nor the products and warehouse management. In addition, larger orders were processed outside of the Shopify shop. Thus, a lot of data was copied from one place to another so that the relevant data remained up-to-date in all applications.

Classic procedures and processes:

  • Onboarding of new clients
  • Creation of customers in CRM
  • Preparation of invoices / statements
  • Warehouse management with a database
  • Automated email notification

The project was divided into two parts: Firstly, connecting Shopify to the CRM, and secondly, building a customer onboarding process with Pipedrive as the CRM and Airtable as the database to track the different stages of the onboarding process and make it interactive through different buttons. Connecting the Shopify shop to Airtable and the accounting software lexoffice was another step to track orders and the onboarding process. In addition, we implemented a warehouse management system with Airtable to keep track of available stock and increase customer satisfaction.

So, stop wasting your precious time on tedious tasks that can easily be automated. And by the way: time is not all you will save. The excessive costs of customer portals can be reduced to a minimum!


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