How to automate Slack Notifications in 3 steps

It can be a challenge when a company grows—especially if they're all working in different locations and using Slack, which is known for being flexible. Slack is also a bit of an art form, as it has a lot of features that are difficult to set up, and even more tools that aren't as intuitive. Slack notifications are intended to keep you updated whether you're at your desk or on the go. That's where we come in! We at Makeitfuture make it easy for you to get automated Slack notifications when someone sends you a direct message (DM), mentions you, notifies a channel you’re in, or uses one of your keywords. We also automatically reply to threads from channels you're following—so if someone mentions your company or refers to their products on those channels and sends them to the right person… we'll know!

What is Slack used for?

Slack is a business chat app that links individuals to the information they require. Slack alters the way corporations interact by bringing individuals together to work as one united team. Slack technologies make it simple to communicate with your coworkers — chat with anybody inside or outside your business and collaborate as if you were in person. People can collaborate on channels, which bring together relevant people and information. Asynchronous work is supported by Slack. When work is arranged in channels, you may obtain the information you need on your own time, regardless of your location, time zone, or role. Without needing to plan schedules, you may ask questions, catch up, and discuss updates. Everyone in a company gets access to the same shared information on Slack.

What are Slack Notifications and how do they work?

Slack reporting notifications are automated emails that we send to Slack when incidents occur in your projects such as retargeting emails, webhook events, and so on. Slack reporting notifications can be configured to notify various people from your team depending on the type of incident. Additionally, you can configure automatic tickets to be created in your project. This not only creates transparency, but it ensures your work doesn’t get lost in the shuffle of daily business operations.  

When you receive a new message, Slack will notify you with a desktop notification, email, and mobile notifications. You can also set up notifications to go to different channels in your organization. For example, you could have all emails sent as slack messages in your Marketing channel or get notified when someone posts on Facebook or Twitter from your Social Media channel.

What were the challenges with Slack Notifications?

Initiatives and goals begin to proliferate. The data is not available. It becomes tough to track. Reports are frequently sent late. They decide to automate their reporting alerts in order to better monitor them and remain on top of any patterns that need to be addressed. We automated their notifications in a Slack channel, and it has been much simpler for them to follow and solve issues before they explode, as well as help them in decision-making.

Customer situation

Makeitfuture has automated agency Slack notifications for Customer support they run in a slack channel. This allows agencies to get metrics about their customer service, push them to the right people, in the right Slack channel, and schedule reporting. The reports show which channels were visited, how many messages were sent and received, as well as what percentage of customers responded to messages on each channel. These metrics are important to optimize an agency's work process, so it doesn't become too time-consuming or overloaded with chat requests.  


As team targets are monitored daily in our alerts, team responsibility, and motivation rise. We've discovered that tracking something daily makes it feel more urgent to complete it, which leads to improved performance. Our notification system also reminds the customer support staff of their progress toward their targets, which increases their motivation and alignment with business goals. They also don't have to worry about forgetting to keep track of their development.

Conclusion on Slack  

Slack lets you know immediately when something happens, whether it's a message from one of your employees or a notification about an important event that needs your attention. With Slack notifications on the desktop, you'll always know what's going on in your organization—and you'll feel motivated by being able to stay in touch with the latest news.

Are you ready to take your company's communication to the next level? Feel free to contact Makeitfuture, if you want to be part of the automation revolution!  


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