Automation of Shopify orders

Do you produce products on demand and sell them via your Shopify shop? Or your orders need a final polish before shipping? Automate the order processing in Shopify and reduce the time until dispatch.

How can I automate my shop with Airtable?

Individual products are very popular. Whether it's smaller products like personalised smartphone cases or entire portraits that are handmade. For you as a Shopify operator, however, this means significantly more effort for order processing. But thanks to automation, you can simplify and speed up coordination in particular.

There was no suitable process for managing Shopify orders with master data.

Classic procedures and processes:

  • Automatic transfer of orders to database
  • Automated email notification

Automate the customer's order with Airtable

That's exactly what we did for a client who was drawing cartoon-style images on demand from a template. For this, he drew on a pool of freelancers who were assigned to the latest job depending on their capacity. However, this procedure required a lot of coordination. Which freelancer has capacity at the moment? How long will the creation take? Are the customers informed about it? Through the automation of Shopify orders and the connection to an Airtable database, all these questions are now answered automatically.

For this, we first created a database of freelancers. The capacity and availability is noted there and constantly updated, for example when a new order is handed over. When a new order is received, the Airtable database is automatically checked to see who has capacity. This person receives the order and gives a time estimate. This is synchronised back into the database. If there are delays in the order, customers are automatically notified.

Connect Shopify to database

Once a picture is completed, the transfer is also automatic. The freelancers upload the picture to a specific location and the order number identifies the client. The client automatically receives the picture. What previously took hours of consultation and coordination now happens fully automatically. In this way, the automation of Shopify orders with Airtable helps to drastically reduce the processing time and also increase the capacities of the freelancers.


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