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Hotel reservation automation with

In this case study, we will demonstrate the benefits of automation for the hotel industry through a real-world example.

The customer in this case study is a hotel group that has implemented automation in their booking process. We will discuss how we used to integrate with Apaleo a cloud-based property management system (PMS) for hotels. This integration allows the hotel group to seamlessly update their reservation data, which has resulted in a more efficient and streamlined booking process. By automating their booking process, the hotel group has saved precious time and money while also improving the guest experience.

Challenge with reservation automation

One of the biggest challenges faced by hotels that work with is the commission fee they must pay for each reservation. For example, if a guest books a room for one week at a cost of €1000, the hotel will have to pay €150 as a commission to However, the problem arises when guests cancel their reservations or do not show up at the hotel. In such cases, the hotel would have already paid the commission to, resulting in a loss of income. This issue can be resolved if the commission is only paid after the guest has paid the full price for the room. This way, the hotel will only pay the commission if the guest stays at the hotel, eliminating the risk of losing income due to cancellations or no-shows.

Solution in

Apaleo is a cloud-based property management system (PMS) for hotels. It is designed to help hotels manage their reservations, guest information, and operations more efficiently. It can integrate with various third-party booking channels, such as, to allow hotels to manage all their reservations in one place. The hotels can use Apaleo to automate tasks such as checking guests in and out, managing room inventory, and generating reports. Additionally, it can also be used to create custom rate plans, manage housekeeping and maintenance tasks, and track guest history. Overall, Apaleo is a comprehensive solution that can help hotels streamline their operations and improve the guest experience.

Makeitfuture produced a solution that can make the process more efficient than before. We are processing their reservation. How does that work properly? Therefore, at the start of each month, hotel staff members will download the reports for each hotel for the preceding month. So, they would transmit all the data and download every reservation that was made via to a hotel. We will automate via, a no-code integration and automation platform.  

The scenario in automates the process of pulling in reservation data from and updating it in the hotel's Apaleo account. This can be done using APIs or webhooks, which allow the two systems to communicate and share information in real-time.

Once the reservation data is pulled into Apaleo, it can be automatically processed and updated, such as creating or updating guest records, updating room availability, and generating reports. This automation can save time and reduce the likelihood of errors, as the data is automatically updated and there is no need for manual data entry.

Moreover, can also be used to automate other tasks such as triggering email or SMS notifications to guests, sending confirmation emails, and even triggering pre-arrival surveys.

How does the scenario work in

In this scenario, they have eight hotels, so it means that they will send eight CSV files. Once we have those reservations, the scenario will gather files and separate them into smaller files. Because of complications with big data, the processing took too long, and the scenario was placed on hold. As a result, we divided it into files of no more than 500 lines each.  

The next scenario will deal with such files. If a customer fails to appear or for any other reason, the hotel is not required to pay the commission to That reservation will be included in a list of all reservations that are not intended to be paid for by the hotel.

At the end of the scenario, we generate a file with all the incorrect reservations and send a report to the hotel's finance department to begin payment disputes. scenario

Result in hotel reservation automation

The result of implementing the automation scenario in this case study has been significant for the hotel comapny. By integrating with Apaleo, they have been able to automate the process of pulling in reservation data from and updated it in the hotel's Apaleo account.  In summary, the automation scenario has proved to be an invaluable tool for the hotel. It has eliminated the need for manual data entry and allowed them to efficiently manage their reservations, guest information, and operations. It has also helped them to avoid losing income due to commission payments on reservations that were later cancelled or no-shows. The scenario has made the whole process more efficient, accurate, and less time-consuming.

Did you like our example, and would you like to be part of the amazing no-code community? Do not hesitate to contact Makeitfuture, because together we are making the future.


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