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Optimizing Online Tour Bookings with HubSpot and Google Sheets

Our client is a city tour company that offers various tours in the city of Cologne (Köln in German). They specialize in providing unique and personalized tours that showcase the city's rich history, culture, and traditions. They are providing high-quality tours that are informative, entertaining, and engaging. Their guides are knowledgeable, friendly, and passionate about the city and its history. They also offer private tours for groups and customized tours tailored to specific interests or needs.

A tour company was facing challenges in managing its online tour bookings. They had an online form for clients to book a tour, but it was time-consuming to manually handle all the information in a Google Sheet. Additionally, they had to communicate with clients and tour guides separately, leading to miscommunication and confusion. The company needed a solution that could automate the booking process, handle all tour information, and streamline communication.

Challenge in tour booking process

The main challenge was to manage the tour bookings efficiently and accurately. The tour company received a lot of tour booking requests through their online form, which they managed through a Google Sheet. The manual handling of tour information in the sheet was time-consuming and prone to errors, leading to mistakes in bookings. Moreover, communicating with clients and tour guides separately was confusing, leading to miscommunication, which in turn affected customer satisfaction.

Solution with HubSpot and Google Sheets to simplify tour booking

The tour company utilized HubSpot and Google Sheets to streamline their online tour booking process. As soon as a customer filled out the web form, a new deal in HubSpot was created, containing all necessary tour information, including extra fees and total price. In the same process the customer got also a confirmation that the company received the request. If the client accepted the request via a button in that email, it was sent to all possible tour guides. As soon as the first guide accepted the tour, the client received an official offer. Once the client confirmed the tour, an invoice was created in sevDesk and sent to the client, containing all extra fees as separate items. The tour was also added as an appointment in a Google Calendar, making it easier to manage the schedule.

To avoid errors in the booking process, the tour company created a Google Sheet with all possible tours and necessary information for each tour. The sheet contained information such as the number of people that could participate, available tour times, special entry fees, and extra fees for tours held in a different language. This information was used to create a deal in HubSpot. This approach ensured that all the necessary tour information was correct and up to date.

Result: Improved Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction with HubSpot and Google

By streamlining its online tour booking process, the tour company improved efficiency and customer satisfaction. The automation of the booking process reduced the time and effort needed to handle bookings, while accurate information reduced the risk of errors. Integration with sevDesk and Google Calendar further improved workflow and made booking management easier. The tour company optimized its online tour booking process and provided a better experience for clients, which ultimately led to increased customer satisfaction.


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