Streamlining Real Estate Lead Management With Make.Com

In today’s fast-paced business world, efficiency and effective lead management are essential for the growth of any company, especially for a real estate developer. With the integration of cutting-edge automation tools like, Facebook, and WhatsApp, real estate developers can now centralize their lead generation efforts and streamline their internal processes.

The Challenge: Centralizing Leads from Multiple Platforms

Imagine a real estate company with a marketing team and a sales team actively using Facebook Leads Ads, Google Ads, Real Estate Ads Platforms, WhatsApp Campaigns, and Email Campaigns for their marketing efforts. The challenge they faced was the need to centralize all the leads generated from these diverse platforms into a single, organized hub - Pipedrive.

The Solution:, the Automation Powerhouse

To tackle this issue, Makeitfuture introduced ClassPark to, an automation platform that seamlessly integrates with Facebook, WhatsApp, and several other key tools. Here’s how they made it work:

Facebook Leads Ads Automation

Using the Facebook Leads Ads module within, the company achieved a remarkable level of automation. Here’s a breakdown of the process:

  • Lead Submission Detection: continuously monitors Facebook forms to detect when someone submits their information.
  • Contact Management: It searches for the contact in Pipedrive and either creates a new contact or updates an existing one, ensuring the data is always current.
  • Deal Creation: goes a step further by creating or updating a deal associated with the contact in Pipedrive.
  • File Retrieval: It downloads the latest real estate and company presentation PDF files from Google Drive
  • Welcome Email: An automated welcome email is sent to the lead, with the downloaded files conveniently attached.
  • WhatsApp Communication: A welcome message on WhatsApp, complete with an image of the real estate complex, is sent to engage the lead instantly.
  • Team Alert: Finally, notifies the sales team via a Telegram group, providing instant information about the new lead and its source.

The Benefits: Efficiency and Lead Retention

The real estate developer company is now reaping the rewards of this innovative approach. Here are some of the key advantages:

  • Centralized Lead Management: By utilizing, the company successfully centralized all leads from various platforms into Pipedrive. This means they no longer need to juggle multiple platforms or risk losing valuable leads.
  • Effortless Automation: Automation has simplified internal processes, allowing the team to focus on nurturing leads and closing deals, rather than manual data entry and notifications.
  • Instant Notifications: With’s automation, the company receives immediate alerts whenever a new lead is captured. This ensures that the sales team can reach out promptly, enhancing their chances of conversion.
  • Seamless Integration: While the company had previously used Zapier for automation, they found to be a more powerful and flexible solution, capable of meeting their specific needs.

In conclusion, the synergy of, Facebook, and WhatsApp automation has transformed this real estate developer’s lead management. They have successfully centralized their leads, automated essential processes, and gained a competitive edge in the market. As businesses continue to evolve, embracing automation tools like becomes not just an option but a necessity for staying ahead in the game.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance: Makeitfuture’s Commitment

Beyond the initial implementation, Makeitfuture remains committed to ensuring the seamless operation of the automated processes. Their ongoing support is an assurance that any hiccups or enhancements needed along the way will be swiftly addressed, allowing the company to stay ahead of the curve and make the most of their automation investment. Automation is not a one-time event but an ongoing journey. Makeitfuture’s commitment to ongoing support means that businesses can adapt and evolve their automation processes as their needs change, staying competitive in a dynamic environment.

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