Solution Delivery and Operations Automation: How innovative business models benefit from automation

New innovations also bring new fields of business. E-mobility is one such. But processes that occupy many companies can also be found in these industries: Sales and subsequent project management. Perfect, then, for automation.

Benefits: Why Solution Delivery and Operations Automation?

  • Efficient way of working and handling the projects
  • Simple data maintenance and fewer errors  
  • Improved quality management
  • Correct information in real time

The switch to e-mobility is a strong focus of the mobility revolution in Germany and also worldwide. Of course, new drive systems also require the necessary infrastructure. This is giving rise to new business areas that want to accompany and master these very changes.

This is also the case with Frankfurt-based Chargemaker GmbH, which specialises in charging infrastructure. It offers products and services for all aspects of charging solutions: From planning and conception, installation and commissioning to operation, services, energy management and charging current.

With its holistic charging solutions, the company wants to make it as easy as possible for its customers to concentrate on their business - today and in the future. After all, the charging infrastructure should not only be optimally suited to individual requirements at the time of implementation, but also meet future demands.

Chargemaker's goal is to play a significant role in shaping the expansion of electromobility in Germany. The provision of charging infrastructure for residents, employees, guests and the public is crucial for this. Chargemaker's main aim is to take over the operation and services for commercial customers so that they do not have to build up their own resources, processes or know-how.

In order to achieve this goal, the sales processes as well as the processes for the realisation and implementation of the charging infrastructure are particularly decisive for Chargemaker. Alongside the tasks of maintaining and operating the charging infrastructure, these represent the greatest effort.

All these processes are characterised by the need for large amounts of data and smooth information flows. Perfect conditions for the implementation of automation and the integration of different applications.

Airtable, Plutio & Make for smooth operations

In order to structure the data and have it ready for retrieval, Chargemaker therefore uses Airtable as a central database for the projects and infrastructure in operation. Airtable is particularly well suited for integration because it has an excellent API interface.

The application also laid the foundation for exploring automation. In order to keep Airtable as a structured database up to date at all times, various processes around this database had to be automated. This should avoid transmission errors and ensure good data quality at all times.

The project management tool Plutio was then added to control the processing and implementation of the projects. In this way, Chargemakers continued the automation and integration of further tools in the workflow across all apps.

Both apps are linked to each other via Make. Make thus creates the bridge between the data in both applications. At the same time, this modular structure offers enormous potential for a long-term and sustainable solution that can be gradually expanded with further additions.

With this connection, the main processes of sales and realisation of the charging infrastructure can be optimally supported. Especially for sales, up-to-date and correct data is essential. Not only can consistently good quality be achieved, but the time spent searching for the right information in the right place is also drastically reduced.

The next step for Chargemaker is to focus on further improving the interface with sales. In addition, possibilities to further develop project management and make it even more measurable are also being considered.


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