Shop automation for fast fulfilment

Do you offer personalised products in your online store and still want fast fulfilment? By automating your orders and fulfilment, you gain time, efficiency and deliver a unique experience to your customers.

Advantages: Why shop automation?

  • Increased efficiency
  • Save time for administration
  • Gains Time for value creation
  • Create unique customer journeys
  • Move your business forward

Fast services despite individuality thanks to automation

Online stores with included services are often characterised by individuality and speed at the same time. Tatjana's online store is no exception. She works remotely and has a store where she sells digital music tracks and video recordings. These are personalised and edited to order for radio broadcasts or video podcasts. These templates are bought by customers around the globe.

For fulfilment, Tatjana works with freelancers. Her online store stands out because she has an incredibly high speed in the fulfilment and delivery of her service.

But it was precisely this fulfilment that used to depend heavily on Tatyana's capacities. When an order came in, she was the one who distributed new orders to the freelancers according to capacity, provided the files and collected information.

To make this process recurring, around the clock and efficient, there was no standard plugin or standard shop. Therefore, the challenge was solved with the help of automation and wemakefuture.

Improve your customer journey through automated order processing

First of all, a simple upload page based on Wordpress and Elementor was created for the frontend. After placing an order, customers can use this page to upload additional files and documents that are to be integrated. This notification is sent automatically after the order is placed.

Subsequently, the files uploaded there are automatically sent to an Airtable database. All important information, requirements and files are stored in this database. At the same time, the capacities of the freelancers are recorded. This way, new orders are directly assigned to the freelancers who have time.

The freelancers then receive all the relevant documents via a protected view and start working on them without Tatjana's intervention. Notification is also automatic.

After successful creation of the video material, the final file will also be made available to the customers via a simple upload link. They will be notified immediately.

This means that within a few hours, usually three to six hours, a service can be provided fully automatically. Customers can download the videos and use them directly in their own music or podcast programmes.

The advantage here is an extremely high speed without the need for service processing. The entire process from client to freelancer back to client is automated.

The same automation is conceivable, for example, for images in an online shop or other digital products that have to be sent from a shop to freelancers.


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