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Marketing Dashboard in Airtable

As businesses shift towards data-driven decision-making, it becomes increasingly important to have a centralized dashboard that displays the most relevant and up-to-date information. This case study highlights how we helped a customer create a comprehensive marketing dashboard in Airtable, a powerful collaboration platform for organizing data. Our goal was to provide the customer with a user-friendly interface that would display valuable information about their marketing campaigns, including lead sources of customers, cost, and ROI, and deals won.

The Challenge of Tracking Multiple Sources and Campaigns

Our client, a mid-sized company, had various sources from which their customers came, including Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, and TikTok. They also had different campaigns and ads running on these platforms, and they needed a way to organize this information to make data-driven decisions. The customer approached us to create a dashboard in Airtable that would provide an overview of their marketing campaigns, enabling them to track their progress and make informed decisions.

Finding the Best Way to Display Complex Marketing Data

To address the customer's needs, we started by organizing the information from their Pipedrive account into an Airtable base. We then used the interface option in Airtable to create a dashboard that would display the necessary information in a clear and concise manner. We experimented with various solutions until we found the best way to display the data, ensuring that the information was easy to access and understand.

The marketing dashboard we created provided an overview of the cost spent on each medium (Facebook, Instagram, Google, and TikTok) and how much revenue was generated through each medium, enabling the customer to calculate their ROI for each platform. Additionally, the dashboard provided an overview of how many deals were won based on the different mediums, campaigns, and ads, allowing the customer to track the success of their marketing efforts.


Optimizing Marketing Strategies with Data-Driven Insights

The marketing dashboard we created in Airtable provided our customer with a centralized platform to track their marketing campaigns' progress, enabling them to make data-driven decisions. With this dashboard, our customer was able to track the cost and ROI for each platform and make informed decisions about where to allocate their marketing budget. Additionally, the dashboard allowed them to track the success of their campaigns and ads, enabling them to optimize their marketing strategy continually.

In conclusion, the marketing dashboard we created in Airtable was a success. Our customer now has a comprehensive platform that provides them with the necessary information to make informed decisions about their marketing strategy. By consolidating their data in one central location, they can easily track the progress of their marketing campaigns and make data-driven decisions, leading to increased success.


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