E-commerce automation: Stay competitive and realize growth

Competition is on the rise. How do you stay competitive as an online store? By integrating your data-driven processes. With e-commerce automation, you spend less time processing orders and more time growing.

Advantages: Why shop automation?

  • Increased efficiency
  • Save time for administration
  • Gains Time for value creation
  • Create unique customer journeys
  • Move your business forward

At the latest with the Corona crisis, it has now become clear how important a good e-commerce system like Shopify or Woocommerce is for companies. However, more and more online shops also mean more and more competition for existing online businesses.

To remain competitive and successful in the long term, there is a solution: automation.

By automating your business and administrative tasks, you free up more time to create real value, nurture new ideas, create unique customer relationships, and everything in between.

Everyday work processes are determined by data: Ordering process, accounting, marketing - all this is based on pure data. Instead of managing this manually and wasting a lot of time, retailers can automate almost all recurring processes. All it takes is an iPaaS like Make to do what would otherwise require many clicks.

Many shop systems offer integrated automations or numerous apps for this purpose. However, it is necessary to install a separate app for each function. This can not only be annoying and time-consuming, but above all expensive. That's why Make is much more future-proof than your average store app. As your store or business grows, Make and your automations simply grow with it.

Enhance your customer journey through automated order processing

The possibilities for shop automation are endless: from automated mails, marketing campaigns and automated accounting to individual tracking of the return status of shipments between different vendors, everything is possible.

We automated a fully customized customer journey for a large online flower delivery company in Switzerland: The bouquets ordered by customers are photographed together with a friendly shipping agent before shipping, and customers receive an email notification when their flowers have left the warehouse - including a photo showing the exact bouquet.

Never lose track of your inventory through automated inventory management

For another business customer, we automated inventory management by adding three values to order quantities: Seasonality, Moving Average, and Minimum Value. Based on these three values, the optimal order quantity for a product is always calculated. This takes into account not only seasonality, which is often standard, but also sales figures from previous years. This allows us to order the perfect quantity at any time without products expiring or selling out.

Instead of using dozens of apps that are difficult to link together, retailers get a single unified system. This enables solutions that are not available in individual apps like these. Retailers no longer have to share their sensitive data with third parties, but can manage everything themselves. What's more, they are no longer dependent on individual app features. That's why we love automation for successful shop solutions.


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