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How to synch contacts between CRM systems

Introducing Funnellab - a company that offers innovative solutions to improve businesses' sales and recruiting process.

With a team of highly skilled and experienced marketing experts, Funnellab creates digital strategies to streamline prospecting and recruiting. Their main goal is to optimize the sales process by helping companies pre-qualify their prospects.

They contacted Makeitfuture to find a solution for their data management and make it simpler. In this case study, we will introduce an automation process that helped Funnellab.

All-in-one solution for data management

Funnellab GmbH was facing a common problem that many companies experience—data fragmentation. The client was using various tools such as Sevdesk (invoice app), Google Ads (advertising campaigns), and Pipedrive (CRM for tracking deals and customer information) to manage their data, but they had difficulty in consolidating all this information into one place.

Integrating Apps and Automating Processes into Airtable

To solve this problem, our team implemented a solution that involved taking data from all these apps and putting it into Airtable, a cloud-based database management platform. This allowed Funnellab GmbH to have all their information in one place, eliminating the need to manually work with Google Sheets.

We utilized make to automate the process of adding data into Airtable from Sevdesk, Google Ads, and Pipedrive. This way, new organizations and deals could be added to Airtable automatically as soon as they were created in Pipedrive. Invoices from Sevdesk were also updated daily in Airtable, and the amount invested in active Google campaigns was added to Airtable once a month.

By using Airtable, Funnellab GmbH was able to streamline their data management processes and save time. All the math and calculations, such as ROAS, were done automatically in Airtable, eliminating the need for manual calculations. This solution allowed Funnellab GmbH to focus on their core business activities, leaving the tedious data management tasks to our team.

How does the Pipedrive to Sevdesk scenario work?

The scenario involves tracking and updating organizational information across different apps. It filters events based on if they have a Sevdesk ID or not, and only updates organizational events.

When there's at least one deal, it synchronizes all the information. If the company name doesn't exist in Sevdesk, it creates the company in both Sevdesk and Pipedrive. The company's information such as address, PipeDrive ID, and sync date are added and updated as needed.

When there's an update to the company information, such as name or address, the synchronization process is triggered and updates the information in Sevdesk.

The scenario runs anytime there's a new organizational event, including new deals, open deals, and modifications to the organization. This ensures that all contact company information is updated in Sevdesk.

Improved Efficiency and Data Accuracy with Airtable

In conclusion, Funnellab GmbH's problem of data fragmentation was successfully solved through the implementation of Airtable. Our team provided a solution that allowed the client to consolidate their data and automate many of their data management processes, freeing up time and resources for more important business activities.

Take the next step towards highlighting your processes with automation. Contact Makeitfuture today to learn more.


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