CRM migration in the cloud

You have decided to change your CRM and are now faced with the huge task of moving all data and the structure cleanly and efficiently? Automation is made for this. We not only move data automatically, but also optimise your CRM structure at the same time.

Advantages: Why automated CRM migration?

  • Increased efficiency
  • Enormous time saving for data migration
  • Gains Time for value creation
  • Current and correct data

Change your CRM without spending a huge amount of time

CRM systems often grow organically over time, the structure adapts to current requirements and circumstances and a large amount of data is created. But the basic requirements for a CRM can also change over the years. For example, Pipedrive was originally chosen as the CRM because its deal pipelines made it ideal for outbound sales. Over time, however, the business model evolves away from outbound sales and towards a digital service provider, with inbound marketing and support. Here, Hubspot makes more sense as a CRM solution, with numerous functionalities that also map support.

So the decision is made: a change of CRM and an associated CRM migration.

This is a complex process, after all, several thousand contacts, organisations and deals want to be moved correctly. Special care must be taken to ensure that communications, activities and documents are preserved and correctly assigned.

But precisely because of this, CRM migration also offers an opportunity:

Use the possibility of CRM migration to clean up existing data

wemakefuture helped a digital service provider not only to map the migration of two CRM systems in the cloud, but also to structure this CRM migration in such a way that data models as well as contact and organisation were cleanly created with all fields and all required information. Once the structure was in place, moving the data took the least amount of time.

Based on this data structuring, we were subsequently able to build some automations for the CRM Hubspot, which support the support and sales.

In addition to Pipedrive and Hubspot, automated CRM migration is also possible with any other cloud CRMs: whether from Salesforce, Monday CRM, Zoho or even Hubspot and Pipedrive.


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