Coach Automation: Gain more time for human interactions

Coaching is all about people. Why spend more time than necessary on repetitive and manual tasks in front of your computer? Coaching automation helps you and your coachees have the best experience possible.

Benefits: Why Coach Automation?

  • Create unique customer experiences
  • Stand out from your competition
  • Increase your productivity and efficiency
  • Gains time for people instead of wasting it on administrative processes

The coaching industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the US and the business model has also long since arrived in Europe. The business landscape is very diverse: there are many one-person businesses, but also coaches who join forces with others and thus realize a broader range of services. In addition, digital coaches rarely offer exclusively one-on-one coaching, but very often offer coaching training or online seminars as well. But no matter which specialization, which business model or which target group: No coach can do without a digital infrastructure - even if it's just their own website and email inbox.

Spend more time with your customers instead of with administration

But the market is narrow, there are few barriers to entry, and since the term "coach" is not protected, many people can call themselves that. Therefore, it is important for professional coaches to stand out from the crowd and gain a clear competitive advantage. To do this, it is also necessary to ensure that processes are efficient, thereby increasing productivity. Coaching is, after all, a very people-oriented field.

In order to reduce the time spent on administration to a minimum and thus gain significantly more time for working with and on people (which is, after all, the main goal of a coach), one tool is particularly important: automation.

Using two case studies that we, as an automation agency, have successfully implemented with Make, we show how automation can help coaches integrate their processes in a variety of ways to achieve real time savings.

Improve your coaching through automated e-learning solutions

For a provider of virtual online courses that focuses on agile coaching, we have expanded the comprehensive range of online seminars. In addition to the event dates, where knowledge is delivered clearly and interactively, participants receive additional learning material via Learndash, a learning management system. Through automation with Make, we were able to ensure that customers were simultaneously enrolled in the appropriate Learndash course as part of the course registration process. This was done by integrating Wordpress, Learndash (a Wordpress plugin) and Airtable using Make.

What sounds simple and easy, in reality saves a lot of time: instead of manually creating hundreds of people as users in Learndash every month, registering them for the corresponding course and then sending a message with the registration data, this all happens in real time and fully automatically.

Support your one-on-one coaching sessions with automated preparations

In another project, we were able to automate the administration for individual coaching. Through our client's website, visitors can book coaching sessions online with a selection of coaches. These appointments are transferred from Wordpress directly into the CRM and newsletter marketing tool. Based on this data, the billing for the booked hours and days is created.

In preparation for the coaching session, coachees are asked to record a longer audio recording of themselves and send it in. To prepare this optimally for the coaches, the recording is automatically transcribed and made available. In this way, coaches can optimally and efficiently prepare for their session and offer the best possible support to the people they are coaching.

Focus your coaching on people, not your available software or resources.

With automation for coaches, you get just that: time to improve other people's lives without sacrificing your own time.


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