Automation of the Customer Journey & Newsletter

Of course, newsletter marketing needs individuality, that's no longer a secret. But how do you keep track of which customer is in which phase? And how much effort does it take to adapt the mails accordingly? Thanks to automation, that will soon be a thing of the past.

How can I automate my customer journey & newsletter?

Newsletter marketing is a great way to keep potential, current and past customers informed. But the balancing act between added value and spam is usually challenging. If newsletter marketing is automatically adapted to the customer journey and the individual stages of the customer, you can use the added value of your newsletters without risking that customers perceive your emails as spam.

  • Increase customer satisfaction across all phases
  • Improve your retention management
  • Obtain feedback automatically and in a standardised way
  • Support your quality management

Segmenting customers for email marketing is no longer an insider tip. Sending the exact same emails to all leads rarely makes sense. The content that customers keep engaged varies greatly and can therefore be adapted to the phases of the customer journey. Instead of maintaining mailing lists manually, however, integration with a database or your CRM can bring great advantages.

But automatic mailings can go far beyond marketing newsletters. Automatically creating and sending offers or statements also saves many small clicks and minutes.

Potential customers are already addressed individually via a status in the CRM, which updates automatically and offers plenty of room for refinement. Reminder emails after an initial interaction or enquiry are also no problem. If you have closed a deal, the individual creation of an offer can also be automated. Again, automatic follow-up can help you close your deals more effectively.

You always keep an overview in your CRM and thus never miss an opportunity or new customer. Especially if your sales team consists of many people and regularly receives calls, this overview is crucial.

Flexible database alternative: Airtable

Another addition can be the automatic assignment of sales staff for calls. Here, a database can support and ensure that customers are connected to the right person in less time.


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