Automation for startups: scale your business and gain speed

Want to move your startup forward, but your IT and other resources are struggling to keep up? Startup automation does just that: it helps you with time-consuming processes so your business can grow.


  • Scalability: your goal is probably to grow (fast), so your IT should grow with you and not be a hindrance
  • Gain Time: During the startup and growth phases of your business, employees are usually pretty busy. Automating your processes means a real time gain for your employees
  • Cost efficiency: Avoid an expensive change at a later stage and choose a comprehensive automation of your IT from the beginning.

We know how difficult it is to get a business off the ground. We consider ourselves a "start-up" and regardless of your idea, industry or goals, it's a brave move to go your own way. There are a lot of decisions to be made even before you start up, or shortly after, and it's hard to consider everything. One area is probably your IT, and for startups there are a ton of tools geared towards it.

Connect all your existing applications with each other

In the jungle of CRMs, communication tools, marketing apps, and all-in-one software, there's one constant that can guide you through your IT decisions: Automation.

"Automation? Seriously?" You might be asking yourself these questions, and yes, we're quite serious. Because the phase in which your IT infrastructure is not yet 100% fixed or can still be flexibly adapted is ideal for benefiting from automation right from the start.

Focusing your IT selection on cloud software, apps with potential API connectivity and competitive architecture will save you a potentially expensive switch to these tools later. For startups in particular, a lot of time is often spent on customer acquisition, possibly marketing, defining processes, and growing the business. Therefore, you shouldn't spend even more time on repetitive, time-consuming tasks that can be left to automation from the start.

Don't waste your time - Automate from the start

That's what we recently did for a start-up specializing in sustainable children's toys. Even before the market launch, the founder placed great importance on a lean but future-proof IT architecture. That's why we helped him automate his CRM and accounting. With Pipedrive as the choice for CRM and Lexoffice for accounting, we were able to build a stable and scalable automation that allows our customers to spend only a fraction of the time on accounting.

For another client, a start-up that originally specialised in writing pads for students but was forced to go digital quickly due to Corona, we developed a comprehensive software solution. In it, the entire nexus of accounting, customer management, reminders, as well as different groups of customers receiving different emails. Everything is based on make and ready to grow with the business.

Benefit from a solution that grows with you and can keep up with the changing needs of your young business: Automation for Startups.


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