Automating contract and diploma generation for an NPO, using Make, Bubble, Tally, and Airtable

Explore how automation revolutionized a non-profit's document generation process, paving the way for efficient collaboration management.

Manually generating multiple contracts, diplomas, and certificates of participation can be a real hurdle, especially if your organization is trying to save the environment. In this case study, we will show you how we implemented automated systems to help our client successfully overcome their operational challenges, paving the way for a more efficient, effective, and scalable approach to fulfilling their noble cause.

About the Client

Capace cu suflet is a non-profit association that transforms collected plastic bottle caps (HDPE & PP) into donations for social causes. 

The organization has established a strong network with educational institutions, including schools and kindergartens, through partnership agreements and contracts. This way, their initiative not only contributes significantly to environmental protection but also actively involves young students in ecological and social responsibilities. In recognition of their efforts, participants receive certificates of participation and diplomas from the association.

The Challenge 

Due to the growing popularity of the project, the number of collaborations, partnership agreements, and donation contracts started to explode. The association did not have the manpower or resources to manage all the requests for new agreements and contracts, being overwhelmed by the work volume. More so, they often found themselves drafting diplomas and certificates of participation up until late in the night. Something needed to change. 

The Solution 

Our mission was to find a way to automate not only the generation of contracts and diplomas but also to capture all incoming data from potential collaborators or partners. 

So here is what we did - we built an app in Bubble where the user inputs their data (a complex form), and based on that data we then generate a contract, save that information in a database, store the contract in Google Drive, and send an email to the client so they can sign the contract.

Additionally, a similar scenario was created to automate the generation of diplomas and certificates of participation.

But let’s break them down one by one: 

Automating data entry for new agreements and contracts

In the first part of the process, the user fills in the Bubble form available on our client’s webpage and hits submit. This triggers the automation 👉The data from the form is sent out using a webhook 👉 A contract is generated and filled in with all the necessary data 👉The contract is then sent automatically to the user via email, ready to be signed 👉The contract is stored in Google Drive and Airtable. 

Generating diplomas and certificates of participation 

Once the participation is over, the user then goes to fill in a second form, with additional information 👉 the form goes to Tally 👉Here, it creates the certificate of participation or diploma with the added data 👉 Then, the document is sent via email to the teacher/student 👉 The document is stored in Google Drive and Airtable. 

App Used

To create this no-code automation scenario, we used the following mix of software: 

  • Bubble to create the 6-step form.
  • Make that acts as the glue between all apps, taking care of the data flow, processing, and app integrations.
  • Airtable for user data storage

Out of the Make modules we've used: Gmail for email automation, Google Drive and Google Docs to create and keep contracts, JSON and HTTP for custom API calls towards the app to get info from the form, and Tally to get additional information (besides the default form) in order to create the certificates of participation.

Client testimonial

What challenges did our team solve for your business?

Manual completion of a few hundred documents yearly in relation to our collaborators represents a rather difficult process for both us and our collaborators

How would you describe our collaboration?

Excellent! Our need was completely understood and properly transposed in the easiest option of flow for both us and our collaborators. Even more, during our collaboration, the team members came up with very good suggestions to optimize the existing flow even more.

How accountable did you find the team members when working on your project?

On a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 is the most accountable - 10

How would you appreciate our tech skills?

I am not the most knowledgeable person to give an opinion on the tech skills, but to me, it seemed like you did your magic to transform my request into an automated flow. 

Would you recommend our services to others and if so, why?

Yes, we would recommend your services and here is why:

  • Your work can save companies time, so they can spend it better, in other areas of their business.
  • You understood our needs very well.
  • Communication was very easy and adapted to our level of technical terms.
  • Your suggestions improved the existing flow even more.

Developer Feedback

The process was pretty straightforward so there were no major issues to be mentioned. I really liked working on this project and it was a great experience with both building the app in Bubble, the process in Make and also interacting with the customer.


This case study demonstrates the transformative power of technology in streamlining organizational processes. By leveraging a combination of no-code software tools like Make, Bubble, Tally, and Airtable, our client, a non-profit focused on environmental and social causes, successfully automated the generation of contracts, diplomas, and certificates. This process flow not only significantly reduced the manual labor and time investment previously required but also enhanced the efficiency and scalability of their operations. The client's satisfaction with the improved workflow and the positive feedback from the development team underscore the effectiveness of this tailored technological solution in addressing specific operational challenges. This example serves as an inspiration for other organizations looking to optimize their processes through smart automation. Are you ready to transform your organizational processes with smart automation? 

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