Automate customer journey and appointments

Online client appointments have become standard since Corona. But how do you make sure that you don't have any extra administrative work and that your customers are always informed? An excellent customer journey means more than just sending links to appointments. We show you how.

How can I automate my customer journey?

A good customer journey starts with the first point of contact with your customers. Especially with very individual services or products, however, it makes sense at a certain point to no longer rely solely on email communication or contact forms. Much more details can be clarified in a telephone call. But this transition often represents a break in the customer journey and information is lost. This is exactly why automation can help.

  • Increase customer satisfaction across all phases
  • Minimise sources of error and data breaks
  • Improve your retention management
  • Support your quality management

As is so often the case, the core is a database. This is where all information is stored, updated and reconciled again and again. Ideally, the information is collected via a form. This can be a Wordpress form, a Google Form or even a Typeform. If such a form is filled out, an email notification can be sent to you, an automatic reply email can be sent to the customers, a database entry can be created or all three. It may make sense at this point to send an email requesting an appointment. There are many possible tools for this, such as Calendly. If a customer books an appointment through this, the data is again compared with the database and the status is updated if necessary so that no duplicates occur.

CRM Customer Sales

In this way, various procedures and processes can be supported:

  • Creation of customers in CRM
  • Data storage in the customer folder by email dispatch
  • Automated email notification

Based on this database and this starting point, a variety of actions are possible: A customer folder with all relevant files can be created in the right place, GTCs, DPAs or even an NDA can be sent to the customer for signature and signed, and the entire communication and journey is tracked in full via various statuses.

Of course, this database can also be connected to all other relevant applications: CRM, accounting, ERP or even e-mail marketing. In this way, we ensure that the first contact is made digitally and automatically, right through to the successful conclusion of the contract. No lead or information is lost, your customers have a unique experience and the speed of your processes increases significantly.


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