How to Check If the Day is a Weekend or Public Holiday Via API with Zapier or (formerly Integromat)?

June 2022
How can I use Zapier, n8n or to check if it is weekend or a holiday?
Find out how to check if the current day is a weekend or a holiday via API, n8n, Zapier or Cross the boundaries of low code and now code.
How can I use Zapier, n8n or to check if it is weekend or a holiday?

How to Check If the Day is a Weekend or Public Holiday Via API with Zapier or

It's so easy to build an online store, but sometimes you may feel that there are still some missing features. or Zapier can really help with that. Next time you need to know what day a *weekend *or *public holiday *in your country is, let's use API. In this article, we want to tell you about possibilities of integrations Zapier and that may help you to determine whether the day is a weekend or a public holiday but let's talk about the importance of client's emails for any company.

How Important is a Client’s Emails for Your Business?

Replying to an email is not always the most exciting chore, but it's one of the most important. Your clients are likely to instantly assume you're unprofessional and will not think highly about your business.
Failing to reply to an email is not only bad manners and a waste of time; it can also ruin your company's reputation.
There are many reasons why customers may contact you, and not all of them require a response. However, if they've contacted you about an order or a query, it's vital that you reply as soon as possible. Waiting for days before replying doesn't look professional and suggests that your business is somewhat disorganized.

A lack of communication can also lead customers to believe that they've been forgotten about, which means they'll be less likely to order from you again. After all, if you're not going to reply to a simple email, how reliable will your customer service be?
Replying promptly shows that you value your clients' business and that you're committed to delivering a great level of service.
No matter how much a business depends on the internet, emails remain a primary tool for communication. Corresponding by email with customers is not only convenient but also very cost-effective. Clients can ask questions or report problems, and the business can reply to them immediately at no extra charge.

Email is An Effective Mode of Communication with Your Clients: It is Never Out of Trend!

When you're getting started with an email marketing campaign, you'll likely rely heavily on support from your customers. They will be providing feedback and making suggestions. To make the process as easy as possible, make sure that you have a 24/7 online help system in place where people can always ask questions and get answers.
The best way to make sure that your clients can contact you whenever they need to is to give them your email address and tell them that you're available at all times. Set up a separate email account for customer support and be available when it's needed. 
Once you've established this method of communication, it's time to start replying to emails as quickly as possible. When someone reaches out to you regarding a problem or concern, read their email carefully and try to understand their issue so that you can give them the best solution possible. Do not focus on how busy you are or how much work is stacking up in your inbox — this is about treating.

How to Reply to Business Emails on Weekends?

The first question people often ask about replying to business emails on the weekend is whether it's okay. The answer is: Yes, it is okay.
Using your off-work hours to help out with business doesn't make you a slave; it makes you a good employee. There are several things you can do to keep your reply rate high during weekends and holidays:

  1. Send an auto-response the moment you realize that you will be unavailable. Your auto-response should tell the sender that you are away from your desk for a specific period of time, but also let them know that they should expect a response from you as soon as possible. Not only does this save you from having to manually send out individual responses, but it also allows people to know how long they will have to wait for your response.
  2. Try scheduling your emails. If you are away or are expecting to be away, then schedule emails that need to be sent out during the weekend. This way, when you return, you can simply go through your sent items folder and find all of the messages that were sent while you were unavailable.
  3. Write down any deadlines or action items during meetings so that you have something to prompt you once back at work. When responding, try to appear still prompt even if it is late in the evening or on the weekend by using phrases like "I will get back to you by Monday morning," but isn't it all tiring?
    With automation platforms like Zapier and, you can unleash the power of automation for almost all of your things that usually take a lot of time; why not this feature? Why not this weekend checking feature? that can automatically detect when there is a weekend and can enable your project or company to reply to respective emails

    Forget the Hassle of Checking Business Emails Back and Forth: Try Weekend API Checker!

    Are you away for the weekend? You need to know if it's a public holiday or not. Using our powerful API app, you can now use our weekend checker in your favorite automation tool, whether it's, Zapier, or n8n.
    With our powerful API app, you can now use our weekend checker in your favorite automation tool, whether it's, Zapier, or n8n. Via our API, you always know which days are working days, weekend days as well as public holidays. The app will return the working day and the weekend day for today and tomorrow. The app determines that based on the current date and time zone.
    With the most accurate weekend checker on the market, you will never again have to worry about checking whether today is a weekend or holiday. Make's weekend checker is more than just a simple calendar — it also shows public and religious holidays and helps you calculate weekends and working days for any year and place on Earth.
    We can't say this often enough: we're very proud that our mission is to help people automate their workflows! That's why we've decided to share our Weekend Checker with those who want to use it as an API, as well as those who prefer the web version.
    Through our free Weekend Checker API, you can use your favorite tools such as Zapier or n8n to integrate our weekend checker with hundreds of other programs. All you need is a token — we provide it for free — and you can start getting instant notifications about weekends and public holidays via Slack, Skype, Telegram, and any other similar tools.
    This way, you won't ever be caught off guard by unexpected calendar changes or important dates that fall on weekends. You can even use our powerful weekend checker as a tool for planning ahead.
    No matter if you're looking for a time when there aren't many events going on and when you know when there is a weekend, it will allow you to automate your apps accordingly; for example, when there is a weekend; you can automate your apps in such a way that on these occasions, it will reply to the client's email in such a way that "We will get back to you on business days" In this way you can increase the productivity of your company's work along with giving value to your clients.
    If you are running an online store for business, there's no need to check manually if it is a weekend or holiday. It is easy to automate this task with HYPERLINK "" or Zapier integration.
    Weekend checker API by 1Saas enables you to utilize our API with Zapier or by creating a widget in your preferred language that works with any Google Calendar event, allowing you to automate processes around certain days and dates.
How can I use Zapier, n8n or to check if it is weekend or a holiday?

In summery

By integrating it with Zapier or, you can send notifications to your end-users. For example, you may choose to notify your end users that work orders will not be processed until next Monday.
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It helps you automate workflows that often require complex coding or go from one vendor to another based on their bit of the process – all without writing a line of code. Using this tool, you can turn repetitive tasks into simple API calls or simple scripts. Using scripts, you have an option to do much more complex tasks, focus on core business features, and not worry about low-level details.
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Cloud Integration, iPaaS, SaaS, BPA… Ough, hard to keep track of all these terms. They are currently used frequently (and increasingly) in the context of automation, and it is sometimes difficult to make a clear distinction and distinction. We have already written blog posts on the terms iPaaS, SaaS and BPA, but we’ll take them up again here to make the difference.

But let’s start with cloud integration, because that’s the central umbrella term in which we embed all the other technologies in this blog post.

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What does Cloud Integration mean?

What does Cloud Integration mean?


  • Is available in real time
  • Can be accessed from almost anywhere
  • Reduce potential sources of error by entering the same data multiple times
  • Require less installation and maintenance
  • Can optimize business processes

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To illustrate these advantages, an example is suitable that we know well from our everyday work as an automation agency:

The central data to be used here is the data of a major customer. This can be the simplest information, such as the address. This address is required in numerous but completely different processes in the company: on the one hand, for correct invoicing in accounting. On the other hand, in the CRM system, where all the data of the large customer is also stored. But the address is also important in sales, for example, when employees go to the sales meeting on site.

Now the customer announces that the address of the company has changed after a move. This information will reach you by e-mail. There are now two options:

01. The e-mail is forwarded to all affected departments, accounting, sales, customer service, marketing… All persons open their corresponding program, CRM, accounting software, marketing tools (such as newsletter marketing) and change the data already stored there of the customer. This means that in multiple applications, different people do exactly the same thing: change one address.

02. But there is also an alternative: By connecting your applications, thus by integrizing them, the customer’s e-mail, or rather the information it contains about the address change, is automatically passed on to all affected applications: CRM, accounting, marketing, ERP. This does not require any clicks, because the cloud integration detects a trigger, i.e. address change, and thus automatically starts the process.

What sounds unimpressive in a single process becomes more effective when such a process occurs several times a day or weekly. Because there is a lot of data that is available in different applications and should always be correct. If these applications are cloud applications they are suitable for cloud integration.

But cloud integration doesn’t just happen. There are now a variety of applications that enable and implement this. Such tools usually allow us to link the relevant cloud applications on a central platform and define clear rules on when, how, where, how much data should be passed on and what happens to them.

IPaaS, SaaS, BPA, ABC – who can still see through it?

To realize cloud integration, there are various applications and technologies that are sometimes used interchangeably.

We have made a first distinction between iPaaS and BPA here.

We explain the term SaaS in more detail here.

Here the short version, again:
table icon

Cloud integration cannot be done without SaaS, iPaaS and BPA

Cloud integration is rather an umbrella term that includes numerous technologies, such as SaaS, iPaaS and BPA, and this is also absolutely necessary. Cloud integration is a concept that is made possible by appropriate technologies.

However, all terms share the commonality that they are cloud-based and thus offer enormous potential for growth and scaling. In addition, they are often cheaper to implement and maintain because changed requirements are easy to implement.

As an independent automation agency, we implement cloud integration according to your requirements. We use a variety of SaaS tools and iPaas (strictly speaking BPA) software. Together we find individual solutions that are flexible and scalable.

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