Sales automation: Generate more leads in the shortest possible time

How do you win a sale? By spending hours collecting or updating data? No, by interacting with your leads. That's exactly what sales automation allows you to do by helping you win customers.

Benefits: Why Sales Automation?

  • More targeted customer approach
  • Optimized communication
  • Create personalized onboarding experiences
  • Build long-term customer relationships
  • Simple data maintenance and fewer errors  
  • Improved quality management

The entire customer journey can be seamlessly integrated so you can better target your leads, lose fewer leads, and turn them into satisfied customers.

Increase your sales, create long-term loyalty and drive your business forward

Customer onboarding, quality management, customer journey - it's all part of a close and successful customer relationship. If they have the best possible experience with you, chances are they will remain loyal and become repeat customers. However, in times of declining customer loyalty and increasing competition, innovative and forward-thinking methods are needed to gain a competitive advantage. The solution: automation.

There are usually multiple apps involved during the sales process. Contact with your leads can be via email, a form on your website, phone, or a lead ad on Facebook. It's important not to lose track of these leads and inquiries without losing data. So the first step to a successful automated sales process is to optimize your communication with customers. And lucky for you, we recently solved this for a client.

Do not choose between individuality and standardization

A long onboarding process, although necessary, can cause clients to turn away or, in the worst case, get lost during the process. This was the case with Scentia, a Hamburg-based company that helps professionals find a suitable partner university for a PhD and supports clients throughout the process of writing and publishing the PhD. All client communication and collection of required documents was done by hand. However, since admission to the PhD is strictly regulated, all this information had to be obtained.

For this reason, the solution was to connect all the channels and tools used. Applicants can now upload the documents via a form on the Scentia website. The responsible employee is automatically notified and automated emails are sent to customers about the current project status. A database and Scentia's CRM tool provide an overview of the current stage of a potential customer's application.

With a modular approach like Scentia's, it is possible to customize processes and thus scale them. Automation grows with the business and creates entirely new business opportunities.

Adapt your sales funnel to you, not the other way around

We have successfully implemented a similar project for a client, but with a completely different business model. Customizable catering trailers can be requested online and adapted to a variety of requirements. Since the production process is highly customized, customers must submit comprehensive information at the beginning. This is done through a form that is integrated with automation and linked to CRM and mails. Again, the entire customer onboarding process is accompanied by automated emails, so that close customer communication and loyalty is established right from the start.

Reduce the time spent on all the manual work during a long sales funnel and focus on engaging the people behind the sale. Let sales automation take over the boring data management.


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