How to Set Up an Automated Dunning Process

Cash flow is one of the most important aspects of any business. It is preferable for you to have an optimal cash flow if your consumers pay in short advantage in short advantage rather than lengthy payment objectives. There is one more thing you can absolutely do. We've all had the experience of forgetting to pay an invoice. So amazing automation to remind customers about payments is one of the most critical components of building a stable business. You need consistent cash flow so that your firm may function efficiently and flourish.

Challenges with automated dunning in Quickbooks or Xero

Finance has a challenge following up with customers who do not pay even after automated dunning takes considerable time. The process is tricky because they need to first make sure that the invoice was received and paid in full before 50% of those people file for bankruptcy protection too late!

An automated dunning procedure is certainly feasible and may help you increase your cash flow. Otherwise, an employee of your organization would have to sit there every Monday morning, for example, and send out manual dunning emails with manual dunning PDFs, manually calculating the amount and the overdue payment penalties. So doing it manually saves a lot of time, and you may save this time.  

Customer Situation and solution with AirTable

The first thing we automated was anything less than €1000. 999, to be exact. Stripe, Molly, and Gocartless were used to automate an intake through debit corps or credit cards using Stripe and Go cartilage and Molly.

The second thing we accomplished was automated invoice donning procedures that are over €1000 to become automatically sent out to the client after seven days or 14 days, depending on the payment period in the invoice. So, an automated eating procedure is certainly feasible and may help you increase your income flow. Otherwise, an employee of your organization would have to sit there every Monday morning, for example, and send out manual donning emails with manual donning PDF, manually calculating the amount and the extra costs for being late with the payment. So doing it manually saves a lot of time, and you may save this time.

We have developed a system that allows you to send out all manual dunning with a single click.

We put them in between in AirTable or Google Sheets so you can view them before they go out since some of your customers may have additional agreements or you may be experiencing project issues where you do not want to send out darning invoices to your customers. We can even take it a step further. We can issue dunning bills automatically to customers who are overdue and have a certain customer dunning score in your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. This enables you to monitor, report, and manage your cash flow by automatically sending a pleasant reminder through email anytime an invoice gets overdue.

Result in automated invoicing

With the new system in place, customers can get paid more quickly and with less effort. In fact, the processing time has been reduced to less than 30 minutes each week, a clear overview of the process efficiency. And with the potential for future automation and templates, the process can be further improved. As a result, we saved our customers approximately 3 hours of physical labor each week. This aided the customer in optimizing his cash flow and lowering the risk of not being paid. And we assist him in gaining an overview of his sales forecast in comparison to his present cash flow through an effective method. This also allows them to automate any form of invoicing and charging for their clients in the future. (Topic sentence) Not only does this save the customer valuable time, but it also allows him to better understand and plan his finances. (Concluding sentence) processing


Looking for a way to automate your business? Look no further than Makeitfuture We can help you streamline your process and make your workflow more efficient. We specialize in custom internal tools that are built on top of Airtable and Make. With just a click, you can import all unpaid invoices and filter them based on internal logic. You can also send reminder emails directly from Airtable and monitor the process performance. As a result of our efficiency, we have been able to reduce processing times by 3-5x while giving Finance more control and oversight.  

If you are interested in automating your business, contact us today. We would be happy to help you streamline your process and improve your workflow.


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