Automated project management for scalable projects

You want to create a seamless transition from sales to project management? You don't want any information to get lost, but you still want to keep the administrative effort to a minimum? Automated project management helps you to keep an overview.

How can I automate my project management?

After the contract is signed, the work really begins. The sales department has closed a deal, the contract details have been clarified, all requirements have been clarified and the project should now start.

Of course, some things were already automated in sales beforehand: Contract and offer creation, communication and data maintenance in the CRM. The critical point is not only the clean handover to project management, but also efficient and simple project maintenance. This is exactly where the automation of project management comes in.

When a new client company is acquired, it is not uncommon to use a shared or internal project management application. This can be Trello, Asana, Clickup or Jira. On the one hand, it is important to store all relevant information there. On the other hand, it is important to inform the team and, if necessary, to invite clients to collaborate in the tool.

  • Increase customer satisfaction across all phases
  • Keep the overview in all phases
  • Do not lose important information to interfaces
  • Ensure timely completion of the project

The simplest automation here is certainly that a project board is automatically created after the contract is concluded. If the status of the customer is set accordingly in the CRM or in a database, this information is automatically passed on in the background.

Scaling and customisation - no matter which project management tool you use

Of course, individualisation is also possible here: Based on various criteria, different project templates are used depending on the type of customer or project in order to create more clarity. Assignments are made automatically on the basis of various purchases that are made.

But also the information that has already flowed can automatically be made available to the project management. This creates seamless communication without loss of information. Notes or annotations from the CRM can thus be automatically transferred to the project management tool.

Another option is to record conversations with clients, transcribe them automatically and make them available. This way, important details can be read and manual notes are a thing of the past.

Notifications about changes, tasks or due dates can also be sent automatically to people who are not directly working on the project. This way, for example, team members who only help with the project sporadically can find out when their help is needed or where the project currently stands.

Notifications about changes, tasks or due dates can also be sent automatically to people who are not directly working on the project. This way, for example, team members who only help with the project sporadically can find out when their help is needed or where the project currently stands.

A decisive factor for the automation of project management is that projects can be broken down to templates. This means that project management can be automated in almost 80 to 90 per cent of cases and thus becomes scalable.


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