Accounting integration: Spend less time on tedious processes

Did you have to wait a day for an offer again? Lost another invoice or couldn't find a receipt? The accounting integration with your CRM solves this problem.

Benefits: Why accounting automation?

  • Save time for administrative tasks
  • Gain time for value adding activities
  • Create powerful customer journeys
  • Improve customer satisfaction through seamless and error-free processes
  • Lean and optimal business processes
  • Enormous growth potential due to scalability

Losing time on a deal or a lawsuit because you haven't connected your accounting software to your CRM and emails sounds pretty familiar. Accounting is a task that accompanies all businesses - regardless of industry, size, or business model. And let's face it, few people associate accounting with fun. On the contrary, for many it's a necessary evil.

Take advantage of your standardized processes through accounting integration

However, since accounting is highly standardized and characterized by recurring processes, it is ideal for automation. As a user, you surely use other software and tools besides your accounting software. If you automate your accounting, you reduce the effort for data maintenance and manual processes to a minimum. This saves you valuable working time for recurring, time-consuming tasks and allows you to focus more on your core business, increase your productivity and minimize sources of error.

By using different software technologies, we were able to integrate multiple clients' accounting with many other commonly used apps, such as mails, CRM, shop software, ERP or cloud storage:

Don't lose track of your incoming invoices when you need them

Invoices often reach you through different channels: By mail, by email, as email attachments. By integrating the email inbox with the accounting software, we automatically scanned all incoming emails for invoices for a German agency and uploaded them to the accounting system. This means: No more searching for invoices in the inbox.

If you work on a project basis, there is certainly a program where you book your times. But what if those hours were automatically read and converted into a legally compliant invoice? That's exactly what we did by automating the accounting and integrating it with the time tracking of a large consulting firm.

Automatically bill your projects according to your individual schedule

The relevant data of your customers are probably in different applications: CRM, accounting, newsletter tool. Therefore, it is important that the data is identical in all applications so that there are no errors in contact maintenance. Instead of changing data manually, we automated this by linking the relevant tools of one of the biggest webshops in Switzerland.

Accounting in particular is an entrepreneurial duty that is rarely fun. Let automation take this tedious work off your hands and free up capacity for value-adding tasks.


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