Successful employee onboarding with Perspective co

June 2021
Successful employee onboarding with Perspective co

Employee onboarding and recruiting have changed a lot, it's no longer a secret. From the first point of contact to the first day of work and beyond, it can be a long road. You can make it successful by using different applications. One of these applications is Perspective co. It offers so-called click funnels optimised for smartphones, which can help you to identify and pre-select interested applicants and present your company well. How exactly and what API integration has to do with it, you can read here.  

What is Perspective co?

Perspective co offers click funnels - mobile first. In other words, a series of online steps, or questions, through which leads click. These are optimised for smartphones, as Perspective co is based on social media marketing. The aim is to attract qualified leads with certain characteristics and interests. In this way, the small quizzes can support the digital acquisition of new customers.  

In the editor, you can select the layout, design and, of course, question content. For example, you can find out whether your leads are more interested in black or red cars.  

The interface of the mobile funnels does without much text. The focus is much more on small images and quick clicks. This is to increase the likelihood that people will go through the process to the end. At the end, you have gained some information about potential new customers and your leads receive personalised results pages and the feeling of individuality. This looks like this, for example:

perspective co Funnel Mitarbeiter Onboarding

But what do Perspective co Funnels for lead generation have to do with employee onboarding?

Although Perspective co specialises in customer acquisition, the principle is also perfectly applicable to interested applicants. Because your employee onboarding, or rather your employee journey, starts at the first point of contact. And this can of course also happen via smartphone.

Perspective co has recently added social recruiting funnels to their templates for this very purpose. These are designed to connect job ads on social media with mobile funnels. In addition, candidates can apply with or without a CV, you pre-qualify candidates and receive more applications through interactive click-throughs.  

You can use the Clickfunnel template to present yourself as a company the way you want to and to learn more about your future team members. With the right questions, a clickfunnel can also help you to select the application documents.  

Perspective co dutifully collects all the information for you in the background. This way, you can not only see who might be interesting, but also find out who is interested in your company in the first place. Through the individualised results at the end of the click funnel, you can also make a preliminary sort: Ask for more documents, perhaps a virtual tour of the company or a link to make an appointment for a no-obligation meeting.

Successful employee onboarding starts before the first day of work

We do not define employee onboarding in this post as the induction that takes place from the first day of work. On the contrary. We mean what comes before that. This is also often referred to as the employee journey. Employee onboarding is a task that is relevant for all companies. From the first point of contact to the signing of the contract to the end of the probationary period, successful onboarding of new employees can set the tone.  

The impact of successful employee onboarding should not be underestimated: After all, if a qualified person is successfully hired, it is very painful to receive a dismissal within the probationary period or the first year.

Before the first day of work, however, employee onboarding can be very administrative:

All relevant documents, such as master data, contract, documents or supplementary agreements must be prepared and signed. Of course, these are important and necessary tasks. But the focus should and could already be on the interpersonal here. New team members can be welcomed, introduced and provided with all important information.  

This is exactly what can come back into focus if you let the administration of employee onboarding run automatically. This way you can take care of the professional and social onboarding.  

Integration of perspective co with HR tools like Personio

As mentioned at the beginning, Perspective co collects important data for employee onboarding (provided you ask the right questions). Now there are two possibilities: An interested person clicks through your mobile funnel, is interested in your company, maybe even has a first interview, but does not get a job offer. Then the legal guidelines take effect and you most likely delete all of her data again.  

Or the person is an excellent fit and after several interviews it becomes clear that a contract will be signed. In this case, the data from the mobile funnel may also be relevant elsewhere. For example, in your HR software. Applications like Personio support you with the entire personnel administration.  

From payroll to personnel development to administration and recruiting. And the latter two play an important role for Perspective. You can easily transfer relevant data from Perspective to Personio if the employees are suitable. How exactly?

Excursus: API integration and automation for employee onboarding

The keyword here is API integration. We have explained this in detail here, but here again for a better understanding: Perspective co, Personio and many other applications have a programming interface, a so-called API (Application Programming Interface). This is provided by the software. Through this interface, data can be passed in and out of the software.  

If two applications have an API, they can be connected. This way, data can be exchanged automatically and the software is able to communicate with each other. Simple example: An applicant enters her full name in the Perspective co Funnel. This is also relevant for Personio and can be automatically transferred to the other software.

This way, you no longer have to copy and paste or even type all the data that has long been available but in the wrong place.

But API integration can do more than simply exchange data. It can also be provided with numerous "if, then" functions and conditions. This ensures that only the right data flows at the right time. For employee onboarding, for example, this can mean that data is only stored if a contract is successfully concluded.  

This is made possible by corresponding software that acts like a platform for API integration. Zapier and Make are the market leaders here.  

Back to Personio: Of course, you can not only record data via Personio, but also design the process for employee onboarding. For example, a new process could be started on a fixed date, such as the first day of work: Send additional agreements for signature. The start of work is stored in Personio. When this date occurs, the relevant documents on data protection, home office policy or company car agreements are automatically sent to your new team member for digital signature.

You get your signature at the right time, the documents are automatically filed in the right folder and instead of searching for documents together and printing them out, everything revolves around human and professional aspects on the first day of work.  

Employee onboarding integrated with your CRM

Another way you can integrate Perspective co for employee onboarding is through your CRM. Maybe you use it in addition to or instead of HR software and create contacts for new team members. This is also very easy thanks to the available interfaces. The relevant data, such as name, address, email or telephone number, can be transferred automatically to your CRM.

It doesn't really matter whether you use Hubspot, Pipedrive, Copper, Zoho CRM or any other cloud CRM. The main thing is that it has an interface.  

One possibility is to use webhooks from Perspective. In this video we show you how to use them with Make:

What is your benefit from this?

Moving data from A to B is all well and good. But what else do you get out of integrating your employee onboarding with clickfunnels like Perspective co?

  • Well, on the one hand, a professional and smooth appearance can be helpful for employer branding. Nothing is worse than applicants never hearing from you again after contacting you.  
  • This also leads us to the second point: no one gets lost in the process. Through a defined employee onboarding, you always know where which steps are necessary or what the next steps are. So it is always clear who is where.
  • The interpersonal aspect comes to the fore: onboarding should not only be about contracts and signatures. But it usually is. If you automate the administrative part, you have more time to get to know and welcome the new team member.

If the post has piqued your interest, you are welcome to find out in a consultation with us whether your employee onboarding can also benefit from Perspective co. We are happy to support you in uncovering potentials, illuminating possibilities and implementing automation.

Successful employee onboarding with Perspective co

Successful employee onboarding with Perspective co

Cloud Integration, iPaaS, SaaS, BPA… Ough, hard to keep track of all these terms. They are currently used frequently (and increasingly) in the context of automation, and it is sometimes difficult to make a clear distinction and distinction. We have already written blog posts on the terms iPaaS, SaaS and BPA, but we’ll take them up again here to make the difference.

But let’s start with cloud integration, because that’s the central umbrella term in which we embed all the other technologies in this blog post.

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What does Cloud Integration mean?

What does Cloud Integration mean?


  • Is available in real time
  • Can be accessed from almost anywhere
  • Reduce potential sources of error by entering the same data multiple times
  • Require less installation and maintenance
  • Can optimize business processes

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To illustrate these advantages, an example is suitable that we know well from our everyday work as an automation agency:

The central data to be used here is the data of a major customer. This can be the simplest information, such as the address. This address is required in numerous but completely different processes in the company: on the one hand, for correct invoicing in accounting. On the other hand, in the CRM system, where all the data of the large customer is also stored. But the address is also important in sales, for example, when employees go to the sales meeting on site.

Now the customer announces that the address of the company has changed after a move. This information will reach you by e-mail. There are now two options:

01. The e-mail is forwarded to all affected departments, accounting, sales, customer service, marketing… All persons open their corresponding program, CRM, accounting software, marketing tools (such as newsletter marketing) and change the data already stored there of the customer. This means that in multiple applications, different people do exactly the same thing: change one address.

02. But there is also an alternative: By connecting your applications, thus by integrizing them, the customer’s e-mail, or rather the information it contains about the address change, is automatically passed on to all affected applications: CRM, accounting, marketing, ERP. This does not require any clicks, because the cloud integration detects a trigger, i.e. address change, and thus automatically starts the process.

What sounds unimpressive in a single process becomes more effective when such a process occurs several times a day or weekly. Because there is a lot of data that is available in different applications and should always be correct. If these applications are cloud applications they are suitable for cloud integration.

But cloud integration doesn’t just happen. There are now a variety of applications that enable and implement this. Such tools usually allow us to link the relevant cloud applications on a central platform and define clear rules on when, how, where, how much data should be passed on and what happens to them.

IPaaS, SaaS, BPA, ABC – who can still see through it?

To realize cloud integration, there are various applications and technologies that are sometimes used interchangeably.

We have made a first distinction between iPaaS and BPA here.

We explain the term SaaS in more detail here.

Here the short version, again:
table icon

Cloud integration cannot be done without SaaS, iPaaS and BPA

Cloud integration is rather an umbrella term that includes numerous technologies, such as SaaS, iPaaS and BPA, and this is also absolutely necessary. Cloud integration is a concept that is made possible by appropriate technologies.

However, all terms share the commonality that they are cloud-based and thus offer enormous potential for growth and scaling. In addition, they are often cheaper to implement and maintain because changed requirements are easy to implement.

As an independent automation agency, we implement cloud integration according to your requirements. We use a variety of SaaS tools and iPaas (strictly speaking BPA) software. Together we find individual solutions that are flexible and scalable.

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